Ilmailuinsinöörien kerho IIK

Finnish Society of Aeronautical Engineers FSAE

IIK is a society for all the Finnish individuals working in the field of aeronautical engineering and space technology. IIK was founded in the 1930s when the pioneers of Finnish aerospace industry were sharing the same passion for aeronautics and flying. During the decades until today, IIK has been active in aircraft design and fabrication, arranging tailored excursions through the industry, making political announcements of the issues of the field, and giving seminars on a variety of professional topics.

In the 21st century IIK has redefined its goals and strategy. The multifunctional personnel of modern companies are seen as a possibility to build an extensive and skilled Finnish network with power to represent an internationally capable industry field. IIK has been the responsible for selecting the representative person from Finnish aeronautics sector for the leading organisation International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) since the establishment of the connection was introduced by Professor S. Laine. Since Professor Laine, Professor O. Saarela and Assistant Professor M. Kanerva have contined the work for the ICAS committees. The ICAS linkage is crucial part of the IIK strategy of being internationally connected. A major step in linking the Finnish society with the European colleagues was also the IIK’s membership to Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS). IIK is no longer a Member of CEAS.

Professionals from all over the world are welcome contact us:
iik.hallitus [at]

IIK’s Vision

We see skilled, happy, and innovative Finnish engineers, who are fresh with new ideas and latest knowledge. When these engineers are working, the industry of space and aeronautical engineering maintain their strong base and harvest fruits of new growth. When Finnish engineers socialize they communicate with international and national friends and expanse their professional networks.

Along with the commitment to the entire field, IIK continues to support actions and applies its professional experience for the work of ICAS committees. IIK members are encouraged and backed to join technical committees of their interest field. Scientific work gets recognition and R&D within Finnish aeronautical and space engineering publishes high quality papers in the journals of the field and in the ICAS and ICAF proceedings.

IIK’s Strategy

We give substance knowledge to the people of space and aeronautical engineering branches. Moreover, this substance includes pure erudition, synergic social backing, and hype of the field.

We do it by arranging lectures, seminars, excursions, exhibition trips, and easy-access contacts to technical committees and political opinion makers in Europe. We maintain our European partnership through stable and continuous work with the societies active in ICAS and CEAS companionship.

Finnish network of aeronautical and space engineering
Suomen lento- sekä avaruusteknisen alan verkosto

IIK maintains a national directory of the different members of the aeronautical and space engineering field. This electronic network is being updated constantly. The main structure of the network consists of four different segments of the Finnish field. A detailed listing of all companies of the network is seen as a potential future service for all IIK members.